Piping Plover Monitor for Beach Construction

· January 8, 2022

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Welcome to our Environmental Course on the Piping Plover!

Are you passionate about environmental conservation, or an avid bird watcher eager to learn about protecting endangered species? This Piping Plover course is tailored just for you. The piping plover, a charming shorebird, is not only an important part of our ecosystem but also a species that faces numerous threats. Through this course, you’ll explore the critical requirements for safeguarding the piping plover under the Endangered Species Act, especially in the context of construction projects that might impact their habitats.

Key objectives of this course include: 

Understanding the environmental challenges the piping plover faces

Learning about the legal framework provided by the Endangered Species Act,

Discovering practical measures to minimize construction impacts on these vulnerable birds.

You’ll also explore the role of a Piping Plover monitor, a crucial position dedicated to ensuring the safety and preservation of these birds during development activities.

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to contribute to the conservation efforts for the piping plover and ensure compliance with environmental regulations in your projects. Who knows… you may just want to change you’re current career to become a piping plover monitor! Join us in making a difference and protecting the delicate balance of our natural world. Let’s get started!

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