Maintaining Your Florida PE License with Titan University PDH Courses 

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As a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida, you’ve worked hard to earn your credentials and establish yourself in your field. However, the learning doesn’t stop just because you’ve got those initials after your name. To maintain your PE license in Florida, you’re required to complete 18 Florida Professional Development Hours (PDH) every renewal period. 

Many engineers are booked solid, and finding the means to fulfill their Florida PDH courses requirement can fall to the back burner. However, falling behind in CEUs can keep you behind on industry advancements—it could also put your license at risk. in CEU’s can keep you behind on industry advancements – it could put your license at risk.

Additionally, engaging in professional development activities is not just about maintaining your license; it’s an investment in your career. This enhances your marketability and your ability to provide the highest level of service to your clients and employers. At Titan University, we offer courses that not only help you meet your PDH requirements but also contribute to your professional growth and success.

At Titan University, we understand the challenges that come with fitting continuing education into an already packed schedule. That’s why we’ve designed our Florida Professional Development Hours courses with busy professionals like you in mind. With flexible online formats, expert instructors, and course material tailored to today’s engineers’ needs, we make it easy to meet your PDH requirements and benefit from the experience.

How to Maintain Your Florida PE License

Stay Current

As a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Florida, staying current with your continuing education is essential for maintaining your license and advancing your skills and knowledge in the field.

The Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE) sets the standards for these requirements, and understanding them is key to ensuring you remain in good standing.

Florida’s PDH Requirements for PE’s

To renew your Florida PE license, you must earn 18 Professional Development Hours (PDH) every two years. The specifics include:

  • At least 1 PDH must be in ethics
  • At least 1 PDH must cover Florida laws and rules governing the practice of engineering.
  • A minimum of 4 PDH must be in your specific area of engineering
  • The remaining 12 PDH can be in any engineering-related topics

Your license renewal deadline is February 28th of odd-numbered years. Although you don’t need to submit proof of your PDH when renewing, you must keep documentation (certificates of completion, attendance logs, receipts, etc.) for a minimum of 4 years in case of an audit by the FBPE. Furthermore, this ensures you are always prepared to verify your continued professional development if questioned..

Approved Continuing Education Activities

Not all continuing education activities are accepted by the FBPE. To count towards your Florida PE PDH, course or activities must be presented by a board-approved provider/sponsor, each of whom is issued a Continuing Education Provider (CEP) number.

Approved activities can include:

Florida structural engineer at an engineering seminar. The engineer is seated in the audience, visibly highlighted among appro
  • Attending or presenting at professional conferences, workshops, seminars, in-house courses, online courses, live webinars, or self-study courses
  • Serving as an officer of an FBPE-recognized technical or professional engineering society (up to 4 PDH)
  • Serving as an elected local/state official or as a member of the Florida legislature (can count towards the ethics and laws & rules requirements)

However, activities such as attending trade shows, equipment demonstrations, or self-improvement courses not directly related to engineering are not approved by the FBPE. Consequently, it’s crucial to research an activity before assuming it counts towards your PDH requirements. Keep in mind that the FBPE does permit a certain amount of self-study courses or activities, provided they can be verified and documented

Making PE Continuing Education Work for You with Titan University

Additionally, while the continuing education requirements for Florida engineers seem daunting, they actually benefit both you and the profession. By staying current with developments in engineering, you’re not only maintaining your license but also expanding your expertise and marketability.


Importantly, the key is to find approved courses and activities that align with your interests and career goals. Many approved course providers, like Titan University, offer a wide range of online and self-paced options to fit busy schedules. And remember, you can carry over up to 15 PDH to the next renewal period, so you have some flexibility in when you earn your credits!

At Titan University, we understand that every engineer’s learning style and schedule are different. Consequently, that’s why we offer a range of course formats to suit your needs:

Our intuitive online platform makes finding and enrolling in the courses you need easy. Browse our course catalog, select the Florida PE PDH package, and start learning. From your personalized dashboard, you can track your progress, access your course materials, and even download your completion certificates.

Check out our Florida PE PDH courses today – as well as the many other courses we offer – and level up your professional development. With our convenient online options, there’s no excuse not to continue learning and improving in your field. Sign up now and start expanding your knowledge and skills today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many PDH do I need to renew my Florida PE license?

To maintain your Florida PE license, you must earn 18 Professional Development Hours (PDH) every two years.

What’s the deadline for completing my PDH?

The deadline for completing your PDH and renewing your Florida PE license is February 28th of odd-numbered years.

How do I know if a course or activity will count towards my PDH?

A course or activity must be offered by a Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE) approved provider to count towards your PDH. Titan University is an approved provider.

Can I carry over excess PDH to the next renewal period?

Yes, you can carry over up to 15 PDH to the next renewal period.

Do I need to submit proof of my PDH when I renew my license?

No, you don’t need to submit proof when you renew, but you must maintain records of your PDH for at least 4 years in case of an audit.

Can I earn all my PDH through online courses?

Yes, you can earn all 18 of your required PDH through approved online courses, such as those offered by Titan University.

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