Aerial Lift Safety in Construction


This Aerial Lift Safety and Requirements course is for the SSHO, Superintendent, and any onsite government construction worker where a Definable Feature of Work will involve am Aerial Lift being brought onto the project site.


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At Titan University, we specialize in courses that are tailored to meet the needs of the commercial construction industry. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in this dynamic field. Our courses are focused on commercial construction projects, ensuring that our graduates have the expertise required to succeed in this competitive industry. Join us at Titan University and take the first step towards a successful career in commercial construction.

This material is for training purposes only. It is to be used to onsite workers, aerial lift operators, those working on aerial lifts, the SSHO and Superintendent. This course teaches the best practices and requirements for a Aerial Lift being brought to a government construction site. This course is not intended as a substitute for experience, however the information learned throughout the course will assist the student in becoming adept in the strict requirements associated with the Definable Features of Work in which an Aerial lift will be involved.

This course by Titan University complies with all the requirements for government construction projects, including:

  • OSHA 1910.269
    EM 385 1-1 Sections 18 and 22.M.
    ANSI A92.9
    OSHA 1910.67 and 1926.453

In This USACE-NAVFAC Online Safety Course, You’ll Learn:

  • The types Aerial Lifts
  • Recognizing and avoiding unsafe conditions
  • Hazards Associated with Aerial Lifts, including falling hazards
  • How to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions in areas you’ll be using an aerial lift
  • When and how to inspect the lift
  • Techniques for controlling, minimizing, or eliminating hazards

Student Benefits of Taking TITAN University Online Courses

  • TITAN not only develops and teaches online Safety, Quality Control, and Environmental Courses. We are on construction sites all across America every day providing Safety, Quality Control and Environmental expertise to some of the biggest names in the Government Construction industry.
  • Official Titan University Certificates can be downloaded immediately after a passing grade of 70% or higher.
  • Short quizzes between sections help you remember important information during the course test
  • Take breaks if you need to, the course and tests will wait for you.
  • Verifiable Certificates for your employer or the Government

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for any worker on a Federal Construction, or Government funded construction project. SSHOs, Superintendents, Foremen, Aerial Lift Operators, all play a role in the Definable Feature of Work where an Aerial Lift will be required. And now so can you.

This is a 2-Hour course. However, you have as much time as you need to complete it. A score of 70% or more is required to pass and you can take the quizzes or test as many times as needed.

*SSHO’s, must show (at minimum) 8-Hours of Safety Training Yearly. Once you pass the course, your certificate counts for 1 of those 2 Hours for this year!

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Short quizzes between sections help you remember important information during the course test

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Aerial Lift Safety Common Questions and Answers

Does OSHA require aerial lift certification?

Yes. Aerial lift certification ensures a worker is allowed to operate a boom lift, scissor lift, or any other type of aerial lift based on OSHA specifications. Once a worker is certified to hold an aerial lift license, their certification lasts for three years.

What happens if I let my certification expire?

If an aerial lift operator doesn’t renew their certification, he or she cannot legally operate an aerial lift. If the worker continues to operate an aerial lift after his or her certificate expires, the risks are significant for both the worker and their employer.

What does OSHA consider to be aerial lifts?

OSHA defined an aerial lift as any vehicle-mounted device used to elevate personnel, including. This includes Extendable Boom Platforms, Aerial Ladders, Articulated Boom Platforms, Vertical Towers, and any combination of the aforementioned.

Does OSHA require aerial lift training?

Yes. In fact, OSHA requires aerial lift training and aerial lift retraining. Retraining is done if any of the following conditions occur: an accident during aerial lift use, workplace hazards involving an aerial lift are discovered, and a different type of aerial lift is used. Employers are also required to retrain workers who they observe operating an aerial lift improperly.

What is the OSHA standard for scissor lifts?

Here are the common OSHA standards for scissor lifts are: 21 – Safety Training and Education

What are some problems of using a boom lift?

It doesn’t happen often, but it is possible for a boom lift to tip over. Make sure the area around the lift is clear so no one gets hurt if the structure tips over. Make sure you hire employees who are trained. Hiring employees who are not properly trained to operate boom lifts and who have not maintained relevant safety certifications and knowledge can be a problem for the operator, the employer, and workers on the project site. Falling out of the lift is sometimes a problem. This is why workers in a boom lift must wear a harness with the lanyard fully secured to the bucket.

Can a boom lift collapse?

When a boom lift is extended very high, the wind can be a big concern. Strong winds can knock a boom lift completely over. Avoid using boom lifts in extreme wind or other adverse weather to avoid the risk of a boom lift potentially falling over.

Do you need to be certified to use a scissor lift?

OSHA requirements make it illegal for any person to work with, on or around scissor lifts unless he or she has been properly trained and certified.

How long does an aerial lift certification last?

Once an operator is certified to hold an aerial lift license, their certification lasts 3-years and should be renewed prior to expiration.

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Posted 7 days ago

Fast,easy to do and great stuff I learned

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Nice class

Really helped me in utilizing aerial lifts, which is seldom taught.

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