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All Titan University courses, including the Respiratory Protection course, focus on Government Construction projects such as USACE, NAVFAC, DOT, DOD, VA, and Government-Funded State and County heavy construction projects.

The Respiratory Protection course is for training purposes only. It is to be used to assist the SSHO, Project Manager, Superintendent, and project workers with best practices for handling Respiratory Protection requirements and worker training. This course is not intended as a substitute for experience, however the information learned throughout the course will assist the student in becoming adept in what to do if they have an accident or witness and accident on a government project site.

The Respiratory Protection online course for Government Construction complies with all the requirements for government construction projects, including:

EM 385-1-1
29 CFR 1910.134

In This USACE-NAVFAC Online Safety Course, You’ll Learn:

  • Respiratory Hazards in Construction
  • Respiratory Program and Administration Requirements
  • Respirator Selection
  • Training and Record Keeping

Respiratory Protection Course Highlights

  • Official Titan University Certificates can be downloaded immediately after a passing grade of 70% or higher.
  • Short quizzes between sections help you remember important information.
  • Take breaks if you need to, the course and tests will wait for you.
  • Verifiable Certificates for your employer or the Government.

Student Benefits of Taking TITAN University Online Courses

  • All Titan University courses focus on Government Construction projects such as USACE, NAVFAC, DOT, DOD, VA, Government Funded State and County heavy construction projects.
  • TITAN not only develops and teaches online Safety, Quality Control, and Environmental Courses, we are on construction sites all across the world every day providing Safety, Quality Control and Environmental expertise to some of the biggest names in the Government Construction industry.
  • Course materials can be downloaded for you to reference while on the job.
  • Included with this course is an outline for any government project. Just fill in the plan to make it more project-specific.
  • This course is perfect for any worker on a Federal Construction or government funded construction project. SSHOs will find it especially useful as they are typically the RPA for the project.

*SSHOs must show (at minimum) 8 hours of Safety Training yearly. Once you pass this course, your certificate counts for 45 minutes of those 8 hours for this year.

Who is required to wear a respirator?

Anyone who is working in an area where occupational exposure levels exceed OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) or ACGIH TLVs, and engineering or administrative exposure controls are not feasible to implement.

Does OSHA require annual respirator training?

The Respiratory Protection Administrator or his designee must provide respirator training annually to personnel using respirators at the project, or earlier if the requirements or site specific operations change significantly.

What type of training must an employee receive prior to using a respirator?

Prior to respirator use, employees must be trained on:

  1. Why the respirator is necessary and how improper fit, usage, or maintenance can compromise the protective effect of the respirator
  2. Limitations and capabilities of the respirator;
  3. How to use the respirator effectively in emergency situations, including situations in which the respirator malfunctions;
  4. How to inspect, put on and remove, use, and check the seals of the respirator;
  5. Procedures for maintenance and storage of the respirator;
  6. How to recognize medical signs and symptoms that may limit or prevent the effective use of respirators; and
  7. The general requirements of the OSHA respirator standard at 29 CFR 1910.134.

On a USACE Project, Who is the Respiratory Protection Administrator?

On most Government Construction Projects the Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) is normally the Respiratory Protection Administrator. It’s for this reason, a certificate from a Respiratory Protection in Construction class is helpful for the SSHO to be approved for the project. In addition, if an SSHO will be on a project requiring respiratory protection, it’s helpful if his or her resume includes a few projects where he or she was the Respiratory Protection Administrator or designee (in addition to the certificate).

Does osha approve respirators?

OSHA requires the employer to select a NIOSH-certified respirator.

What are the 3 classes of respirators?

There are two basic types of respirators: air-purifying and supplied-air . There are 4 common classes of APR Facepieces: disposable, quarter mask, half-mask, and full-face.

What certification should a respirator have?

Respirators must be NIOSH-certified

What are 4 types of respirators?

There are 4 common classes of APR Facepieces: disposable, quarter mask, half-mask, and full-face.

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