The Growing Importance of Safety Programs and Courses in the Construction Industry

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We live in fast times where meeting deadlines and efficiency is a top priority in every business industry. The need for following set procedures is essential for construction companies either working for the government or private projects.

Mostly for government or military construction projects, there are stringent rules that contractors need to follow and fulfill. Many aspiring individuals want to work in the construction industry as it is booming again post Covid-19. Those who are already working as contractors or worksite managers are also looking to gain specific knowledge and enhance their profile.

Titan University is one institution that offers numerous online courses that are accredited by experts and authorized individuals from the construction industry. The various courses range from Site Safety and Health, Construction quality, Environmental compliance, Contract administration, Sustainability practices, and Risk management.

Why SSHO Certification Important

The construction project, whether government or military contract, requires heavy equipment and tools that can cause injuries if proper safety is not implemented. The need for health and safety encompasses everyone present on the worksite. Without proper education and safety practices, the workers are at higher risk of injuries and other unfortunate accidents.

An SSHO (Site Safety and Health Officer) is the individual who monitors and manages all the safety and health aspects of individuals on the construction site. One of the necessary factors of government or military construction contracts is the presence of an SSHO.

The health and safety standards are developed and implemented by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration); however, the USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers) has more stringent guidelines than OSHA.

The rules and criteria are fully explained in EM (Engineering Manual) 385-1-1. The standards are mandatory for contractors working on government-backed construction projects. The SSHO online course allows aspiring individuals to know the fine details of managing construction contracts according to industry standards.

The SSHO certification course is part of a government construction safety program that includes other courses about various aspects of construction. The range of skills and work that an SSHO has to perform includes

  • Assistance in developing particular construction site documents from Accident prevention to Hazard Analysis to EM 385-1-1.
  • Coordinating with the workers and management team to enforce and monitor the safety and health rules
  • Organizing safety training for all work staff, from workers to site managers
  • Making sure the activities and training comply with the OSHA and USACE standards
  • Analyzing the safety of third-party subcontractors
  • Performing regular checks and inspections as documented in EM 385-1-1
  • Making prompt arrangements for unfortunate accidents and incidents or on-site emergency
  • Taking steps to investigate all matters relating to injury or loss, or damage to the construction site
  • Redefining existing policies and developing new strategies and policies to ensure the full health and safety of the team at the worksite

An SSHO is a person who has the key responsibility of managing the construction site, and the work needs complete dedication. A supervisor may not be able to manage the duties that require the knowledge and skill of an SSHO.

Titan University offers complete SSHO courses that can help you learn valuable knowledge and insights into the construction industry. After completing the course, you will be eligible to manage government construction contracts which would be otherwise quite difficult. Apart from management, you will also have a chance to earn anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000 a year.

However, you need to get the required experience and relevant to apply for the position of SSHO. You need to be associated with the construction industry for 5 or more years and have experience managing various worksite health and safety-related tasks.

Final Thoughts

Managing government construction contracts is always challenging, as the individual needs to fulfill certain criteria. But fortunately, institutions such as Titan University are offering online courses that can help individuals to learn and enhance their profile. An SSHO certification is a necessary qualification for all federal and USACE construction projects. The goal is to address all the health and safety concerns of the workers at the construction site.

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